Paeonia 'Dancing Butterflies' (= illegal synonym of „ Fen Yu Nu“)

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]


Dancing Butterflies Single true-pink flowers with slightly ruffled-edged petals around a small, but distinct yellow center.

Ginda Fisher

on Y!groups Mon Jul 1, 2002  subject:  Dancing Butterflies

The latest catalog has just arrived from Jungs, and while I've mostly bought peonies from growers (and I doubt Jung grows its own stuff) I find myself fascinated with their two pages of offerings.

Has anyone grown "Dancing Butterflies"? It looks like it would make a nice contrast with my other plants, and is about the size I'm looking for. Would you disrecommend it? How about Jungs? Thanks,Ginda

Dr Carsten Burkhardt

on y!groups on July 2nd 2002:

'Dancing Butterflies' seems to be a mass-propagated dutch renamed introduction, I found it in a catalog of Ahrens & Sieberz too, a mail order company here in Germany, which normally lists only 3 peonies (The Red, The White & The Rose coloured), but this year they have DB as low growing stiff stemned rich blooming new this year at ? 11,60 for 2 plants. Darwinplants in Holland lists DB too, whithout giving an originator. I guess Ahrens & Sieberz has the plants from the same supplier as your in the US, maybe Darwinplants.

I would not be surprised if this would be another renamed chinese variety, which was imported directly from China, propagated in Holland for 1-2 years and is now put onto the market everywhere. Carsten

Dr Carsten Burkhardt

in a gardencenter in Holland 2005:



Jim Waddick

on y!groups on July 2nd 2002:

Dear All; Did a quick search and came up with these sites. Includes offers in US, and Europe. The only one who claims to be a wholesale source is Darwin Plants (Holland). From the descriptions I wonder what color it really is?? Need I add, it is not a registered name.

Best Jim W.

Peony lactiflora 'Dancing Butterflies' Single flower, lilac-pink flowers with an elegant yellow center.

Paeonia `Dancing Butterflies' 1gal $13.50ea Ht. 90cm. Z2. Single lilac pink with an elegant yellow center. picture at: http://www.spi.8m.com/dancingbutterflies.html

lactiflora 'Dancing Butterflies' Zone: 3 Size: H 24" -28" Schedule: June Color: Fuchsia New Peony for 2001. Single fuchsia flowers with yellow stamens. High bud count. Very floriferous. This elegant, hardy, and long-lived perennial is regaining popularity as gardeners discover excellent hybrids with gorgeous flowers on strong, sturdy stems. Peonies require little care and like cold climates as well as clay soils. Fertilizer spring and fall with bonemeal and water during dry spells. Shade decreases bloom.



From Carsten's site: Paeonia 'Dancing Butterflies'

type : lactiflora Darwinplant("Holland's #1 Exporter"):

Dancing Butterflies Single true-pink flowers with slightly ruffled-edged petals around a small, but distinct yellow center (also has same picture)



Paeonia x Dancing Butterflies (Picture Available...[14KB]) Flower Colour: LILAC-PINK Height: 90cm (#1) $20.00 Light: SUN-PARTIAL SHADE Soil: WELL DRAINED Single lilac-pink with slightly ruffled-edged petals around a small, but distinct yellow center. Fragrant and very choice.

Wang Jian Li > China

on y!groups on July 2nd 2002:

The so-called 'Dancing Butterflies' maybe from China, < its name maybe 'Fen Yu Nu', please see picture on below link > http://heze.51.net/peonies/fenyunu.html > This is a very common variety in China,many farmers grow it for its roots > for medicine.This plant can produce good roots, so the second use of this > plant > is for grafting.Graft tree peonies on its roots. > > This plant produce seeds. Some farmers grow them from seeds, > so this plant can produce diferent colour flowers. > Most flowers has colour as picture in above link, > some flowers has deeper colour, few even are white. >> Happy gardening,>>

'Dancing Butterflies' : or. Chine, cultivée en Hollande, (Fen Yu Nu ?), flr. simple rosé soutenu, étamines jaunes bon développement racines utilisées pour la médecine, et produit des graines.

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