Paeonia 'Red Red Rose'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]


lac 'Adolphe Rousseau'


lobata (Perry)


'Red Red Rose', 'Lustrous'

22, 25






Saunders notebook:

RED RED ROSE (Saunders, 1942) - Semi-Double - Red - Hybrid. Brilliant satin rounded bloom of intense crimson scarlet. Brightest crimson scarlet bomb. Albiflora x lobata. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129. Saunders 1955 catalog.

Red Red Rose (1942) Bright satin with a high [..]nish“; rounded goblet. Very fine indeed. [Albiflora x lobata - the great race of „lobata hybrids“ This group contains many beautiful pink and red tones so long desired in the Chinese peonies; salmon, coral, rose and deep cherry pinks, to clear bright crimsons, with no hint of purple and never a bad color in all the hundreds that have bloomed. I think this is the most brilliant and e effective strain of herbaceous hybrids yet produced. . Their season is generally M. They set hardly any seed, but their F2's may be interesting. About a dozen reds, and almost thirty pinks have been introduced, many of them so similar to one another that I have now tried to sort them roughly into color groups. The pinks especially, fade off as the flower ages , into pale peach shades, so that a mature plant will have flowers of many differing tones, but all harmonious [..] are single except when otherwise noted. ]The Reds

Red Red Rose (Saunders 1942) E.  Semi-double; many shining, intensely red, broad, cupped petals surround a small center of yellow anthers.  Medium height, very erect stems clothed in dark green leaflets.  Summer foliage best with high shade in Midwest summers. Triploid, but useable fertility. 

RED RED ROSE (Saunders, 1942). (LACTIFLORA X LOBATA) Fleur rouge vif semi-double incurvée en forme de gobelet Ligule plus claire à la base des pétales, dentelés à la cime. Couleur très pure et lumineuse Très florifère. Tiges portant très bien les fleurs. Précoce. Hauteur : 1,1m

(+1) Une belle pivoine classique. Fleur semi-double dont les pétales d’un rouge vif entourent un cœur d’étamines dorés. Une fleur lumineuse ! La fleur, en forme de coupe s’ouvre pleinement à maturité. Elles sont portées hautes sur de longues tiges fermes et érigées. Floraison en tout début de mi-saison. Plante assez haute de près d’un mètre. Très léger parfum. Une beauté dans le jardin !

(+1) Another splendid hybrid resulting from Professor Saunder’s breeding work. Large semi-double flower, cup shape, of an intense vivid red. A luminous center of golden stamens completes the picture. Straight and very strong stems holding flowers without any support. Early mid-season bloomer. Tall plant, reaching nearly a meter. Very light fragrance. A true beauty in the garden!

'Red Red Rose' (Saunders, 1942),Li,B,1-3/ 70-90,90,früh,Signal- rot,D1,Doppelter Blütenblatt-kranz; besondere Farbe; halbgefüllt.

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, p. 112:

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Svetlana Poperechnaya 2006:

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