Paeonia 'Frances Mains'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

FRANCES MAINS (Mains, 1955) - Double - Light Pink - Midseason. Medium height. Mild fragrance. Parentage: GENERAL GORGAS x ALICE HARDING. Large, rose-type double of even light pink, deepening to the center. Stems strong, medium height. Should be disbudded. Color good under artificial light. Home Achievement Medal, Chicago, 1955. Bulletin 138.

Frances Mains (Mains 1955) L.  Full Double; light pink deepening to the center.  Many petals, very large flower, perfectly formed, a splendid show table winner.  Medium size bush, the large flowers borne on stems well extended above the foliage.  Stems will bend under weight of the flowers, best cut for display indoors.  Strong grower, moderate increase. 

FRANCIS MAINS: Light pink double, rose type flowers, medium to large. Midseason.

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