Paeonia 'Crusader'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]


Glasscock (79)

CRUSADER (Glasscock, 1940) - Semi-Double - Early - Scarlet Red - Hybrid. Large semi-double with three rows of petals. Carpels green, tipped red. Round bud, medium stiff stems, foliage medium dark green. Officinalis x albiflora. Bulletin 80.

CRUSADER A large scarlet red hybrid, semi-double with three rows of petals. The carpels are green, tipped red. Foliage a medium green, buds are round borne on medium stiff stems.

CRUSADER (E)(Glasscock) A large, bright and beautiful scarlet red semi-double with three rows of petals; in the center are green carpels, tipped red surrounded by a wide, erect tuft of long, golden stamens, topped with glittering anthers,


CRUSADER (Glasscock, 1940) Hybrid, semi-double, early. Large blooms, with about three rows of petals which are a bright, medium red, and have a crinkled finish, like crepe paper. Plant is a strong grower, with leaves and stems of dark green, with a reddish cast. A fine garden flower, and a good cut flower

Crusader Season Type Double Color Red Size 32" Details Scarlet semi-double with three rows of petals encircling a beautiful golden center of stamens. Good cut flower. Lovely in the garden

Flower Form: Semi-double

Staking: No

Height:60-90 cm

Bloom Period: Week 5

Fragrance No

Side Buds: No

Comments: Usually described as scarlet coloured, the flowers however to my eye are more deep burgundy. The colour does not fade and the petals maintain their cupped shape until just before falling. I find this peony very similar to Belle Center and like Belle Center, Crusader looks stunning when collocated with yellow flowering plants

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Crusader Semi-double scarlet flowers with a ruffled collar and a centre of yellow stamens. Strong stems. Early.

CRUSADER:Semi-double hybrid with 5 rows of scarlet red petals, strong 34" stems with dark green foliage. Early

Crusader (Glasscock, 1940) Scarlet red, semi-double, 32" tall, early, hybrid. Striking scarlet red semi-double flower with three rows of petals that surround glittering golden stamens.

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Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk: index plantarum 2007, available under [link]: listed as Krusdander

Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - The Peony Database


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