Paeonia 'Friendship'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



FRIENDSHIP (Glasscock-Falk, 1955) - Single - Pink - Early - Hybrid. Medium height. Pink with white edges on petals. Parentage unknown. Second generation hybrid. Bulletin 138.


FRIENDSHIP (Glasscock-Falk, 1955) Hybrid, early. Broad, dense plant produces a multitude of flowers. A delight to find in your garden, bright pink petals edged in white. Easy to grow and easy to like. Good cut flower too

FRIENDSHIP:Like clusters of huge apple blossoms this peony with pink, white edged petals make this a special hybrid. It blooms early with flowers held just above the compact, 24" plants. Of special interest to would be peony hybridizers is that it is a fertile second generation hybrid.

Friendship ( Glasscock-Falk 1955) EM, Single; large pink petals, edged lighter, grow to a very large size, wide open flowers blanket the bush, spectacular in the field row and mixed border.  Medium height, strong stems are erect.  Second generation hybrid, said to be fertile.


Friendship Season Early Mid-season Type Single Color Pink Size Medium Details (Glasscock-Falk, 1955)
Flowers with pink petals, edged lighter, similar to apple blossoms, grow to a very large size, wide open flowers blanket the bush, spectacular in the mixed border. Strong stems are erect.

Bloom Period: Week 4

Fragrance: Faint

Side Buds: 1 or 2 per stem

Comments: Flowers carried well above the foliage. This is a lovely, unpretentious peony that reliably produces numerous flowers. The petals have a very distinct white flare at their base and like many brightly coloured hybrids, the petal colour fades gracefully from deep pink to almost white before the petals finally drop. No staking required. I highly recommend this peony.

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Elizabeth Babb on webshots 2005:

(S P VE Hyb) A shorter peony with single flowers of a bright pink edged in white. Very floriferous. An unusual and attractive flower.

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