Paeonia 'Fringed Ivory'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]

FRINGED IVORY (Roy G. Klehm), June 8, 1989. Seedling #121 I, Double, Line bred Bowl of Cream. First bloomed about 1970. Ivory white, flat form double. Stamens show through. Double-triple row of guard petals. Inner petals are fringed. Good substance, has stamens and pollen, no seeds, mildly fragrant. Very good stem strength, 34 in. height, midseason bloom, foliage is deep dark green. Bulletin #271.

FRINGED IVORY (F)(M)(Klehm) Ivory white double with layers of creamy white petals; excellent form and substance; dark, lustrous foliage; about 30" tall

(Songsparrow): Flower type: Peony—Double

Size: 34"

Bloom time: Mid

Hybridizer: Roy G. Klehm

Ivory white dish-form double with double to triple row of guard petals and peeping stamen. Deep green foliage. Mildly fragrant.

Bloom Period: Week 5

Fragrance: Faint

Side Buds: Several per stem

Comments: Perfectly symmetrical flat flowers sit atop very dark green foliage. Registered as a double it could be called a very full semi-double because of the very visible golden centre.

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