Paeonia 'Garden Lace'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



GARDEN LACE (Don Hollingsworth, Kansas City, Missouri, April 15, 1992. Seedling #Hollingsworth 1853. Parentage Nome x Cytherea. Bloomed before 1980. This lactiflora type of hybrid origin is of Japanese form, clear broad light pink petals, lacy curved staminodes of soft yellow, forming a persistent center ball. Abundant amount of bloom and seeds. 30" height, excellent stem strength; foliage makes a broad bush, blooms mid- season with the later midseason hybrids. Good landscape variety. Bulletin #282. June, 1992.

Garden Lace (Hollingsworth 1992) M.  Japanese form; soft light pink petals surround the tight center of pale yellow, lacy staminodes; heavy substance imparts a creamy quality throughout.  Fragrant.  Abundant flowers blanket the top of the bush.  One of the most rain proof of peonies, a standard of excellence for the landscape.  Medium height, dark green leaflets; vigorous, prolific.  Seeds. 

Garden Lace (Hollingsworth, 1992) Pink, Japanese, fragrant, midseason, 30" tall, lactiflora cultivar. Soft pink luminous petals cup around a tight center of pale yellow lacy staminodes. Abundant fragrant flowers that stand up well in wet weather.

(+9) Large japanese flower of a soft pink. Pale yellow stamens form the center of the flower. Extremely floriferous. Flowers are held on strong stems, no support is required. Beautiful foliage forming a small bush. End of mid-season bloomer. Fragrant. Plant of 80-85cm. Beautiful peony for the landscape, easy of culture.

(+9) Grande fleur de forme japonaise, d’un rose très doux. Cœur formé d’étamines jaune pâle. Très florifère. Fleurs portées sur des tiges solides ne demandant pas de support. Beau feuillage formant un buisson. Floraison en fin de mi-saison. Bon parfum. Plant de 80-85cm. Très belle variété, facile de culture.

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