Paeonia'Henry Bockstoce'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



HENRY BOCKSTOCE (Bockstoce, 1955) - Double - Red - Early - Hybrid. Tall. Dark red double, rose center with good strong stems. Cross of an officinalis with albiflora on a IF single red with an albiflora white or pink. Bulletin 136.


HENRY BOCKSTOCE (Bockstoce, 1955) Hybrid, dark red double, medium early. Like the other Bockstoce varieties in this catalog, the flowers are well formed and large, the petals are many, and of heavy texture, and the color is excellent. In all three, the stems are strong, but not entirely straight, and you may wish to use support in the garden. They are all fine show flowers, or when used as table decoration in your home

HENRY BOCKSTOCE (VF)(M)(Bockstoce) An enormous dinner plate size deep scarlet red double on tall stems up to 40" in height; the petals are heavy substance with a deep, dark sheen; grow in full sun and plan to stake; nothing short of awesome when in bloom

HENRY BOCKSTOCE, Bockstoce (USA), 1955, Hybride – Paeonia officinalis x P. lactiflora, Deze uitmuntende cultivar kan het beste worden gekenmerkt als ‘massief’. Massief in alle opzichten: kleur, lengte, steeldikte, presentatie etc. Volledig gevulde, immens grote helderrode bloemen die de perfecte bloemvorm benaderen. Geen zijknoppen. Enorme stelen en zeer lang. De laatst bloeiende pioen met officinalis-bloed, en (dus) de laatste met deze kenmerkende echt rode kleur in het bloeiseizoen. Perfect voor op de achtergrond in de border. Extreem in de extreemste zin des woords.

HENRY BOCKSTOCE, Bockstoce (USA), 1955, Hybrid– Paeonia officinalis x P. lactiflora, 'Massive' is possibly the best word to describe this outstanding cultivar. Massive in all respects: color, thickness of the stems, plant presentation etc. Full double, huge rich cardinal red flowers which approach flower form perfection. No sidebuds. Very heavy and tall stems. The last flowering peony of this hue in the season. 'Henry Bockstoce' is extreme in every sense of the word.

Henry Bockstoce (Bockstoce, 1955) Rich cardinal red, double, midseason, 40" tall, hybrid. Heavy petal substance with a deep red sheen. Large flowers on long stems. Flowers may need support in the garden.

Henry Bockstoce (Bockstoce 1955) M-ML.  Full Double; rich, cardinal red, excellent flowers on heavy stems.  Latest flowering peony here of this hue, always attracts the eye of late season visitors who missed the others.  Medium height, good grower, but slow of increase, sparse bush.  In the landscape, may best be screened by other plants.  Splendid cut. 

Svetlana Poperechnaya 2006:

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