Paeonia 'Golden Experience' (A-198)

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]

A 198

Reath lutea hybrid seedling from a Saunders seedling (F1) (Canary??) by a Daphnis seedling.

Reath catalog 2001:

Golden Experience (Reath A-198) (Reath, 2000) Semi-Double, Yellow, Late-Midseason, 48'' tall The flower of Golden Experience is an open, airy semi-double of rounded shape. The petals are flared deep red at their bases with some of the central petals edged and streaked red. A strong growing tall plant of particular interest to the hybridizer as it is pod and pollen fertile and the parent of some of the new tree peony hybrids and herbaceous X tree hybrids.

Golden Experience. Reath. 2000. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Melon-yellow with darker flares with slight rose blush. Cream sheath and stigmas with red stamens topped with yellow anthers. This plants and flowers look very much like Golden Era, often blooming with less yellow coloration. Fertile both ways, but few seeds. Beautiful large foliage on spreading plants much resembles Golden Era. Seldom available. (Saunders seedling (Golden Isles?) x Daphnis pollen).

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