Paeonia 'A. B. C. Nicholls'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]

A.B.C. NICHOLLS (Nicholls, 1937) - Double - White - Late - Double, late white, with a hint of pink and a decided orange glow at the base of the petals.  (Catalog)  Large double white of rose shape.  Barely perceptible tint of flesh gives it life.  Wide petals. Strong substance.  A flower of great refinement.  Strong stems.  Good foliage and habit.  Grows well.  No. 9 shown at Toronto in 1936.  It is named for my father, the name going back to Capt. Andrew Barry of Marion's command, his great grandfather. --Col. J. C. Nicholls.  Bulletin 71

Burkhardt 2007:

Bei der Websuche fand ich die Sorte in einer russischen Datenbank erwähnt, siehe Link.

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