Paeonia 'Lemon Chiffon'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

LEMON CHIFFON -David Reath, July 7, 1981. Seedling # Reath 80-4, double hybrid; parentage Salmon Dream x Reath No. F-3: Cream Delight x Moonrise; first bloomed 1980. Lemon yellow, hybrid, double ball; stamens pollen, and seeds; heavy substance, floriferous; strong stems, bloom held erect; 32-inches; midseason hybrids, June 11; attractive deep green foliage. A very fertile seedling with bloom of bomb to ball-type double.

LEMON CHIFFON (1981) - Hybrid, lemon-yellow, double.

Don Hollingsworth on yahoo!peony

Jerry S. asks what I might know of Lemon Chiffon--that can be summarized pretty quickly! We visited Reaths in 1980 and saw the opened maiden flower on the young seedling, it was yellow and double then. I saw it again on the show table at the 2001 APS exhibition in Hamilton, Ontario, a very fine flower of considerable size. In flower anatomy I thought it a bomb class flower. You probably know that it produced the champion flower at the 2000 APS show. Scott writes glowingly of its fertility and quality of its progeny. I would expect the fertility, inasmuch as it is attributed to a Salmon Dream seed and pollen of a seedling from Cream Delight x Moonrise, all quite fertile in my experience. Don

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