Paeonia 'Leto'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]

LETO (Neeley, 1930) Formerly named CHARMER, MOONLIGHT MIST, FAIRY DREAM. Jap. - White – Mid-season. Tall. Large flowers with white guards, rather broad staminodes, yellow fading white deeply notched and fringed. Carpels tipped white. Excellent. List in Bulletin 91.

16. LETO (1930) - Jap., mid-season. White guards with large center of yellow staminodes fading white. A fine Jap. almost anemone. The names FAIRY DREAM, CHARMER and MOONLIGHT MIST seem to have been tied out on it also.

MOONLIGHT MIST (Neeley, 1930) - Now LETO. List in Bulletin 91.

FAIRY DREAM (Neeley, 1930) - Name changed to LETO . List in Bulletin 91.

CHARMER (Neeley, 1930) - Name changed to LETO . List in Bulletin 91.

LETO (Neeley 1930) A tall white Jap peony with exquisite flower form.  The staminodes are yellow with white tips.

picture in 2007 available on Prof. Harald Fawkner's website, www.speedcloud.com , look under South-East

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