Paeonia 'Lian Tai', also offered as 'LADY LIBERTY'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]


Buddha's Lotus Seat

peonyworld/ (lactiflora)

Lian Tai // Lotus Throne Multicolor, light purple red outer-petals, pink inner-petals. Anemone form. Flowers ''13cm x 8cm'', upright, delicate fragrance. Plant height 75cm. Late blossoming.

xinxin: (lactiflora):

Lian Tai Anemone form, decent flowers 15cm X 10cm, growth vigorous, flowers in midseason. Outer petals are oval type with light purple in color, inner petals are narrow, oval or strip with light yellow in color. "Lian Tai" is one of the best known traditional herbaceous peonies with plenty of flowers and foliages, resistant to insect pest and plant diseases. The plant is average height with thick stalks with multi- color flowers. It is a fine variety to decorate the gardens

Golden Port:

Anemone shaped, multicolored, moderately fragrant; boom late; short.

Heze Guohua Peony Research Institute

Lian Tai (Lotus Seat) Mid , Low Mid bloom. Multi color. Flower shape: anemone form. Flower size 15x7cm. Seeds. Plant height to 85cm. Thin, hard stalks, upright. Many leaves. Vigorous. Many site flower buds. Could be potted. Fragrant.

Lian Tai (PIVOINES HERBACEES CHINOISES): flr. semi-double rosé soutenu, pétaloïdes rosé et crème

Reiner Jakubowski on Y!peony on Febr. 2006:

Hello everyone,

I recently received a letter from Harold Entsminger, originator of

'Lady Liberty' (2001). He pointed out that van Bourgondien is offering a

peony called Lady Liberty in their spring 2006 catalogue, but that it IS

NOT Harold's origination.

I cannot find any information about this peony on the Internet other

than what's given on the sites of the two mail-order houses where I found

identical pictures and much the same description. The peony in question

is a pink lactiflora anemone type, with typical pale yellow centre made

of stamens transformed into petalodes. It's a nice looking peony if you

like that colour and form, but there are many other very similar ones

with well established names and the legitimate history attached thereto.

Most importantly for us, it is not the single red hybrid which would be

expected from searching registration files for information.

None of this means that it is not a legitimate name well established in

the jurisdiction in which it arose, but only that it is unknown to me.

If anyone has information about van Bourgondien's Lady Liberty, please

let me know.


Reiner Jakubowski

Wang Jian Li

Heze Spring Nursery


Hello Reiner,

This variety factually is a Chinese peonies variety,

its real name is "Lian Tai". Van Bourgondien just

renamed this variety. Please see below link from their

site: (link) below words are from their site


PLEASE NOTE: Peony Lady Liberty was unfortunately

mis-named in our spring 2006 catalog. The correct name

is Peony Lian Tai. We apologize for any confusion.

Size: 2-3 eye roots.

Zone: 3-9


Best regards, Wang Jian Li, Heze Spring Nursery, www.hezespring.com

Hello Wang Jian Li,

Thank you for this information. I hope it is the beginning of a trend

for western peony vendors to keep the true variety names of peonies

originating in China and Japan. Current International Cultivar Registration

Authority guidelines stipulate that ideographic characters found in

written languages such as Chinese and Japanese, be transcripted into Roman

script using standardized methods for doing so. For the serious peony

gardener, keeping the real name of a cultivar is an important part of

their gardening enjoyment. There is much history lost when the names are

changed, and much confusion results when names are not unique to only

one peony.

There is also the tendency in the west to translate the meanings of

names originating in foreign lands. This too is contrary to the

International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. It is fine to translate

the names for the sake of interest, but in commerce the true variety

name should be used, otherwise we lose track of what is what. Once we

lose confidence that the peony we want will be the one we receive, then we

will either not buy that variety or we will stop doing business with

vendors we perceive to engage in these detrimental practices.

Thanks again for updating us on 'Lian Tai'.

Reiner Jakubowski

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