Paeonia 'King Bee'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]

KING BEE (Wright, 1935) - Double - Red - Midseason to Late Midseason. Medium height. Sweetly fragrant as Philippe Rivoire. Medium large double bomb, or chrysanthemum type with compact incurved or imbricated central petals with no stamens. Rich lustrous velvety dark red with less blue than Philippe Rivoire. Plant with plenty of foliage and strong stems holding flowers erect in any weather. Perfect form and unexcelled substance, holding color well in sun and rain and lasting long as a cut flower. Plant vigorous healthy grower, young and free bloomer; conspicuous and outstanding. Bulletin 60

KING BEE (1935) - Double, late mid-season. Velvety dark red of good color. Fragrant.

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