Paeonia 'King Midas'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]

KING MIDAS (Lins, 1942) - Foliage rich, deep green. Bulletin 111. (1934) - Semi-Double. Crimson Maroon - Early. Tall. Erect, heavy grower Double - Red - Midseason. Medium height. Color pure red. Medium to Pink. Tall. Red - Midseason. Shining dark White - Late Midseason. A large flower with great, broad, pure white petals, like crinkled paper. Stems straight, slender but strong, clean light green. Especially fine for cutting. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 130. large size bloom. Stiff stems. Foliage dark green and stems well foliaged. Outstanding characteristics is its beautiful form, fully double, perfect rose form. An occasional petal is edged with gold filament. Bulletin 88. Klehm lists it in 1955 catalog as Mid.

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