Paeonia 'Koch's Weisse' (Koch)

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [Suffruticosa without specification]

source of these names of this compilation: PEONIES, The Manual of the American Peony Society, EDITED BY JAMES BOYD, Copyright 1928 by American Peony Society. Chapter: TREE PEONY CHECK-LIST.

Kochs Weisse. Syn. Weisse. (Koch., 1889.) offered by Van Geert 1896; Dessert 1905; Paillet 1889 as new. (Presumed to be in commerce, 1927.)

Wister (1961)

'Kochs Weisse' (Koch. bef. 1889)

Rivière (1995)

'Kock'Weiss' Syn. 'Weiss' Gefüllt. Große, mächtige, gefüllte weiße Blüte, an der Basis zartrosa, sehr gut geformt, Pflanze wüchsig.

Rivière (2000): KOCH'S WEISS Synonyme "WEISS". (Double). Grande et grosse fleur blanche à embase légèrement rosé ; forme de fleur parfaite ; plante vigoureuse.

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