Paeonia delavayi Franch. subsp. lutea (Delavay ex Franch.) B. A. Shen

type: [tree peony] – [species] - [synonym]

original description:

Shen Bao An: study on classification, identification and revision for the medicinal plants of Sect. Moutan in Paeonia from china , Lishizhen Medicine and Materia Medica Research 2001 Vol.12 No.4   P.330-333





reference 2004:

Hong De-yuan, Pan Kai-yu, Zhou Zhi-qin: Circumscription of Paeonia suffrucitcosa Andrews and identification of cultivated tree peonies. Acta Phytotaxonomica sinica, 42 (3) 275-283 (2004)

Hong D Y & Pan K Y, 2005: Additional notes on taxonomy of Paeonia sect. Moutan DC. Acta Phytotax. Sin. 43(3):284-287

(PDF: http://www.plantsystematics.com/qikan/public/tjdjl.asp?wenjianming=f04-0082.pdf&id=11134 )

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[This paper deals with six combinations proposed in 2001 in Paeonia sect. Moutan. Paeonia linyanshanii (S. G. Haw & Lauener) B. A. Shen and P. linyanshanii ssp. taibaishanica (D. Y. Hong) B. A. Shen are recognized as illegitimate names, P. ostii T. Hong & J. X. Zhang ssp. lishizhenenii (lishizhenii) (B. A. Shen) B. A. Shen is reduced to synonymy of P. ostii, P. delavayi Franch. ssp. angustiloba (Rehder & E. H. Wilson) B. A. Shen and P. delavayi ssp. lutea (Delavay ex Franch.) B. A. Shen are reduced to synonymy of P. delavayi, and P. delavayi ssp. ludlowii (Stern & Taylor) B. A. Shen is reduced to synonymy of P. ludlowii (Stern & Taylor) D. Y. Hong.]

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