Paeonia 'Krinkled White'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]



KRINKLED WHITE (Brand, 1928) – Single- White – Midseason. A large flower with great, broad pure white petals, like krinkeld paper. Stems straight, slender but strong, clean light green. Specially fine for cutting. Lists in Bulletin 91 and 130. (

KRINKLED WHITE Finest of all the white singles—large flowers—resembling crepe paper. Tall and sturdy. A consistent show winner.


Flower type: Peony—Single

Size: 32"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early

Hybridizer: A. M. Brand

Snowy white single flower has neatly crinkled petals. Rich yellow mound of stamens make flower glow. Strong, slender stems good for cutting.

KRINKLED WHITE A superbly reliable single white with contrasting golden stamens. Excellent plant habit, very generous with its flowers, and in maturity develops into a wide free standing bush. white, 5.Early, 93cm.

'Krinkled White' (USA Brand 1928). Leuchtend weiße Schalen mit goldgelber Mitte

Krinkled White (Brand 1928) ML, Single; large petals of translucent white have a unique texture.  Vigorous, floriferous, healthy plant; slender stems are adequate. 

KRINKLED WHITE (M)(Brand) A large single flower with broad, pure white crinkled petals with the texture of white crepe paper; yellow stamens in center; strong stems,

(+9) One of the most beautiful peony with white simple flowers. Large white petals undulated with a golden center. Lots of flowers due to the presence of many secondary buds. Even if the stems are flexible, they supported well the flowers without staking. Plant of 90 cm. Mid-season bloomer.

(+9) Une des plus belles pivoines blanches à fleurs simples. La fleur possède d’immenses pétales blancs ondulés s’ouvrant sur un centre doré. Très florifère car elle possède plusieurs boutons secondaires. Même si les tiges sont souples, la plante supporte bien les fleurs et ne nécessite pas de support. Pivoine de 90 cm. Floraison en mi-saison. Plant de 90 cm.

KRINKLED WHITE White, single, Early, No staking. 95cm. A reliable single white with contrasting golden stamens. Superb as a border plant

KRINKLED WHITE:Large single flowers with broad, pure white petals, especially fine for cutting with strong but slender, straight stems.

KRINKLED WHITE (Simple). (Brand, 1928). Très joli gobelet de pétales solides et ondulés blanc illuminé d'ètami nés jaune or vif. Fortes tiges portant haut la fleur au-dessus du feuillage. Excellente floribondité. Mi-saison. H. 0,90 m.

Krinkled White Single pure white flowers with petals like crepe paper and yellow stamens. Heavily scented these are carried on straight stems above shiny, light green leaves. Late.


Krinkled White : Large single white flowers with wavy-textured petals and white-topped, green pistils showing through the yellow center. A very popular drought-tolerant cultivar that provides especially good cut flowers.

'Krinckled White' (Brand 1928) : flr. simple blanc pur, étamines jaune or, 60cm, mi-saison.

'Krinckled White' (Brand 1928) fl. simple blanc pur,etamines jaune-or.

Krinkled White (Brand, 1928) Pure white, single, midseason, 34" tall, lactiflora cultivar. Large, white, crepe-paper textured petals with small tuft of golden yellow stamens in center. Stands up in rain. Spectacular in a row or grouping!

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