Paeonia 'Kronos'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]


Daphnis (48)

KRONOS - Nassos Daphnis (D-23) L 1 x J 25 (Ubatama). Dark crimson with a blue overcast. A heavy, double flower which bends slightly when in full bloom. It is dramatic in full sunlight, and a good contrast with other hybrids. Named after the Greek god of time.

KRONOS One of the larger bushes that we have, and which never ceases to draw attention. Shining black red fully double flowers hang over the plant in great profusion. A real show stopper.

Kronos. Daphnis. 1966. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Dark crimson-blood red flowers. Petals are lightly ruffled and are waxy. Stamens, stigmas and sheath are all red. Seldom available and quite good. Foliage is finely cut. Produces many ground stems and plants can be divided. This plant should not be confused with other cultivars, but we sometimes see Iphegenia being substituted incorrectly. Medium height plant with finely cut foliage. No fertility noted, but we have seen light amounts of pollen. (D-23) (Lutea 1 x J 25 'Ubatama')

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, p. 183:

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Double, extremely dark red crimson. Dramatic in full sunlight and a good contrast with other tree peony hybrids.

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