Paeonia 'Ye Guang Bai'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]

english :

Luminous white


deutsch :

Weißes Silber


chinese name:


name in Hezhe*:

Kun shan yan guang

name in Luoyang*:

Ye guang bai

cross-references for the Luoyang/Hezhe names are from the english text insert of the booklet 'Zhongguomudan' Chinese tree peonies © Will McLewin 1996 Prepared by Phedar Nursery (England)

english :

Night Glow on The Sacred Mountain

peonies & seeds

Rivière (1995):

'Yie Guang Bai' "Weißes Silber" Gefüllt. Blüte gefüllt, weiß, einige Petalen in der Mitte mit grünen Spitzen. Gesamtwirkung reinweiß.

Heze Guohua Peony Research Institute

Kun Shan Ye Guang ( Night Twinkling on Mount Kunshan) Late season, Crown form, White Crown form. Flowers 16cm x 6cm, white, sparking and tidy. Stalks fairly short, flowers usually hidden among leaves. Flowering late.
Plant medium height, spreading. Branches stout. Growth vigorous. Classic variety.

Golden Port:

Snow white, crown shaped flowers with a green center, petals are translucent, easily visible at night, flower size 6" with a dense fragrance; leaves round with hair in the back; late blooming; plant height to 5 feet; a strong grower; a free bloomer.

Osti (1997)

KUN SHAN YE GUANG, «Luna sul monte Kun Lun». Boccioli bianchi verdastri che diventano fiori stradoppi d'un luminoso bianco neve, visibili di notte. Medio vigore, epoca mediana. Varietà di P. rockii coltivata nel Gansu. Fiore semidoppio di colore roseo tendente al color malva, di quella tonalità che i cinesi chiamano blu. Grande macchia scura che sfuma nei petali, bordati bianchi. Fioritura tardiva.

Osti (1999)

KUN SHAN YE GUANG "Kunlun Mountain Moon" Flowers: glossy snow white they can be seen at night; fully double developing from greenish white buds, mid - season flowering. Habit: of medium vigour.

Heze East

kun shan ye guang

xinxin: (suffr.):

Kun Shan Ye Guang

Kun Shan Ye Guang

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Ye Guang Bai // Twinkling White Flower in Night White, sparkling and crystal-clear, slightly suffused with pale purple at the base, tender green coloured petals in the center. Crown form. Flowers size " 16cm x 6cm "; dense fragrance; usually hidden among leaves. Plant medium height; spreading. Branches stout. Growth vigorous; flowers normal. Blossoming late. One of the best white variety. Classic variety.

(Chinese Mudan cultivated in Japan) Tips of centre petals sometimes pale green. Medium size. Late midseason.


Zhongguo mudan

Luoyang Peony


Kun Shan Ye Guang

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