Paeonia 'Bian Ye Hong'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]


Bud mutation of cv. Hu Hong. Classic variety.

Bian Ye Hong. Crown form. Flowers 15cm x 6cm, red (52-C), apex pink; the outer petals 2-3-whorled, large, suffused with red at the base; the inner petals very small, wrinkled, crowded, some petaloid filaments bearing anthers are present; pistils small or developed, petaloid, yellowish green. Stalks short, flowers lateral. Flowering midseason. Plant dwarf, partially spreading. Branches relatively stout. Leaves orbicular, medium-sized, thick, soft, fairly crowded; leaflets ovate, obtuse at the apex, pendulous, upper surface light or deep green, sometimes these two colours are present on the same leaf. Growth vigorous, flowers relatively few. This cultivar selected from bud mutation of cv. Hu Hong. Classic variety.

Osti (1997)

06. BIAN YE HONG, «Foglia che trascolora in rosso». Fiore: stradoppio, di colore rosa pesca, tardivo, delicatamente profumato. Foglie grandi, con venature rosa, bei colori autunnali Portamento: eretto, di medio vigore. Resiste bene al freddo e al vento.

english :

Leaves Turning Red, Reddening Leaf


Foglia che trascolora in rosso

Osti (1999)

06. BIAN YE HONG "Reddening Leaf" Flowers: peach pink; fully double, late, delicately perfumed. Leaves: large, pink veins, beautiful autumn colours. Habit: erect, of medium vigour. Good resistance to cold and wind.

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