Paeonia 'Legion of Honor'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]


#3738 (off Rubra Plena hybrid)


lac double white Albi (Glenn)


12244 'Legion of Honor'


LEGION OF HONOR (Saunders, 1941) - Single/semi-double. Red - Hybrid. Flaming cherry scarlet, with very light green foliage. Albiflora x officinalis. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129. Saunders 1955 catalog.

Legion of Honor (1941) Rev. Flaming cherry scarlet with rather light green foliage. Tall. (Other hybrids between albiflora and forms of officinalis Season: E-M. (Rev. means the cross reversed.)

Legion of Honor (Saunders 1941) Early midseason. Best Landscaper Single, flag-red petals surround a small yellow center. On slender but adequate stems, the flowers appear to float above the lime green leaflets, drawing the eye over great distance. An airy, lighter texture plant habit, uncommon among peonies, integrates easily into a mixed border. Perhaps its best part is the striking color of the expanding shoots in spring, a unique shining yellow chartreuse, burnished with red bronze and slow to take on the mature color. Triploid but has produced viable seeds and progeny. Item 0132.

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, p. 82:

picture available on Prof. Harald Fawkner's website, www.speedcloud.com , look under North-East

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