Paeonia x lemoinei Rehder

Jour Arnold Arboretum, 1, pp.193-194 (1920)


cultivar group (not accepted name)


accepted name: Lutea-hybrids


Rehder in Journal of the Arnold Arboretum vol. 1 p. 193-194


X Paeonia Lemoinei, nom. nov. (P. lutea X suffruticosa). — Paeonia " L'Esperance" Lemoine & Fils, Cat. No. 173, vn. (1909). —P. "La Lorraine " Lemoine & Fils. Cat. No. 182, tab. (1912). — Gard. Chron. ser. 3. LVII. 56, 68, tab. col. (1915).

This new hybrid was raised by V. Lemoine & Fils, of Nancy, about 1900 and " La Lorraine " flowered for the first time in 1904. The form " L'Esperance " may serve as the type of this hybrid which in general appearance and in foliage resembles P. suffruticosa, but the large flowers which measure up to 20 cm. across, are yellow and the 8-10 petals have a carmine blotch at the base; the filaments are red. " La Lorraine " has double yellow flowers with a salmon tinge when opening.

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