Paeonia 'Mme. Calot' (Miellez 1856)
type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]

The correct spelling of the breeder is Miellez, not Miellex like in the APS-registration file.

Paeonia sinensis. Auslese aus unserer ersten Abteilung:


Peonies, The Manual of the American Peony Society, edited by James Boyd © 1928 American Peony Society: [Check List of Chinese Peonies in Commerce] Single Peonies, page 67

MME.CALOT. (Miellez, 1856.) 8.1.

Double type; large; early. Globular at first, very light old-rose-pink with creamy tints in the collar, and the somewhat darker center strongly marked with crimson flakes; very fragrant. Tall; extremely floriferous; strong stems. Excellent foliage.

A cut-flower variety of considerable popularity because of its earliness, unfailing productiveness, and the general high quality of its blooms.

"Blooms are not of high quality until third year or later; perhaps more noticeable in this variety than most others."—Fewkes.

MME. CALOT (Miellex, 1856) Syn. LEONIE. Double - Pink - Early. Tall. Very fragrant. Large. Globular at first, very light-old-rose-pink with creamy tints in the collar, and the somewhat darker center strongly marked with crimson flakes. Extremely floriferous; strong stems. Excellent foliage - Midseason.

Kortmann (1998)

'Mme Calot' (syn. 'Roem van Boskoop'; 'Leonie') Miellez, Frankrijk, 1856) Bloemen licht oudroze (RHS CC 65D, Red Purple Group), in het hart crèmekleurig, dicht gevuld (alleen buitenste tepalen volgroeid), sterk geurend, middelvroeg; bladeren opvallend puntig, matglanzend groen; hoogte 80 cm; bloemstengels matig stevig; vertakking is matig tot goed. Deze oude Franse cultivar valt op door de compacte (volle) bloem, de aangename geur en het mooie blad. Daarentegen is deze cultivar iets gevoelig voor Botrytis, maar een positieve beoordeling is toch gerechtvaardigd.


MADAME CALOT (Miellez, 1856], Grosse fleur, très pleine, rosé pale teinté de crème dans le centre ; excellent feuillage. Parfumée. Mi-saison. H. 1 m

'Madame Calot' /Miellez/1856

MADAME CALOT (VF)(M)(Miellex) Large globular, very light old rose pink double with darker center; petal edges in center are flecked with crimson; strong old rose fragrance; strong stems, SOLD OUT


Madame Calot - nice, early, strong, fragrant, medium size pink variety. At the end of blossom silver pink color.

MADAME CALOT: Double very soft old rose pink with cream, center is darker pink, bomb shaped flowers, EXCEPTIONALLY FRAGRANT! Many flowers. Midseason.

Mme Calot Lovely very double blooms of soft pink. As it opens, rings of different colours are revealed; pale yellow followed by blush pink. Scented.

'Madame Calot' (Miellez 1856) : flr. double rosé, 1m, mi-saison.

offered under the name 'Roem van Boskoop' © 1. Bild : P. de Frankrijker en Zn, Boskoop

Wilhelm de Wilde 2007

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