Paeonia 'Si He Lian'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]

english translation:

Like a water-lily, Like a closed lotus

deutsche Übers.:

Storch auf der Lotusblüte

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Si He Lian // Lotus Look-alike Pink purplish red, petals broad and large purple blotches at the base. Lotus form. Flowers size " 14cm x 5cm "; upright; dense fragrance. Plant tall, erect. Branches slender, stiff. Growth fairly vigorous; flowers many. Blossoming early. Classic variety.

xinxin: (suffr.):

Si He Lian One of the excellent traditional varieties, pale purplish red, lotus form, upward flowers with wide and round petals, stiff and narrow branches, flowers many in early season, be good for forcing, also the good choice for the beginning collectors. It is a fine breed to decorate home gardens and streets

(Chinese Mudan cultivated in Japan) Reddish purple flares at the base of petals. Medium size Early. Blooms held upright. Rather narrow leaflets. Tall.


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peonies & seeds


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