Paeonia 'Xue Lian'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] - [Gansu mudan]

Osti (1997)

XUE Lian, «Loto bianco e porpora». Varietà di P. rockii prodotta nel Gansu. Fiore bianco semplice e macchie porpora scura, a fiamma. Moltissimi stami giallo oro. Fioritura tardiva. E la varietà più simile alla specie.

Unopiú (1997)

Xue Lian ; Weißer Lotus und Purpur; Einfache Blume, schwarzer Ansatz, sehr späte Blütezeit.

Osti (1999)

XUE LIAN "White and Purple Lotus" A Paeonia rockii variety produced in Gansu; the variety most similar to the species. Flowers: white with dark purple flame - shaped blotches at the base of the petals; single, very numerous golden yellow stamens, late flowering.

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To be called ”XueLian” in Chinese, with characteristics of white flowers, single petals, 17cm×9cm corolla, having long and rigid stems for an yearling variety, flowers in clusters while blooming sweetly with leaves being patulous upwards, strong and healthy growing situation as well as the medium blooming period.

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