Paeonia 'Fen he mian'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]


Wangcheng Park, Luoyang in 1969.

name in Luoyang*:

Fen he mian

Luo yu fen*

english translation:

Face of Pink lily

Luoyang jade pink

name in Heze*:

Fen rong mian

Fen rong mian*

Fen He Mian. Crown form. Flowers 14cm x 8cm, pinkish purple (65-A); the outer petals 3-4- whorled, large; the inner petals conspicuously smaller than the outer ones, arranged crowdedly, wrinkled; pistils normal; floral discs purplish red. Stalks long, straight, flowers upright. Flowering late midseason. Plant tall, erect. Branches stout. Leaves orbicular, medium-sized, thick, crowded; petiolules short; leaflets orbicular, obtuse at the apex; suffused with red on the margins. Growth vigorous, flowers normal. Bred by Wangcheng Park, Luoyang in 1969.

* cross-references for the Luoyang/Heze names are from the english text insert of the booklet 'Zhongguomudan' Chinese tree peonies © Will McLewin 1996 Prepared by Phedar Nursery (England) Tel. 0 161 430 3 772 Chinese language consultant Caroline Mason 0191 384 4533

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