Paeonia 'Lustrous'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]


lac 'Adolphe Rousseau'


lobata (Perry)


'Red Red Rose', 'Lustrous'

22, 25

LUSTROUS (Saunders, 1942) - Semi-Double - Vermilion scarlet - Hybrid. Intense, luminous, vermilion scarlet bomb. Very large. Albiflora x lobata. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129.

LUSTROUS (1942) - Semi-double, luminous scarlet. Very large.

LUSTROUS - Semi-double luminous scarlet bomb.

Lustrous (1942) Luminous vermilion scarlet. [Albiflora x lobata - the great race of „lobata hybrids“ This group contains many beautiful pink and red tones so long desired in the Chinese peonies; salmon, coral, rose and deep cherry pinks, to clear bright crimsons, with no hint of purple and never a bad color in all the hundreds that have bloomed. I think this is the most brilliant and e effective strain of herbaceous hybrids yet produced. . Their season is generally M. They set hardly any seed, but their F2's may be interesting. About a dozen reds, and almost thirty pinks have been introduced, many of them so similar to one another that I have now tried to sort them roughly into color groups. The pinks especially, fade off as the flower ages , into pale peach shades, so that a mature plant will have flowers of many differing tones, but all harmonious [..] are single except when otherwise noted. ]The Reds

'Lustrous' (Saunders 1942) : (lactiflora x peregrina) : flr. semi-double rouge, 90cm, tardive.

picture in 2007 available on Prof. Harald Fawkner's website, www.speedcloud.com , look under South

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