Paeonia 'Lydia Foote'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] – [European Rockii]

LYDIA FOOTE (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Sept. 11, 1992. Seedling #31352, double white tree peony; red flares. Parentage, Suffruticosa Rocks Variety, U.K. form seedling. Pollen parent, Japanese double white. First bloomed 1978. This multi-petal white with red flares has pollens, seeds, stamens, good substance with many bloom. Good stem strength, blooms the end of April, vigorous. The foliage has a red line on leaf petioles, red on stems. This is a pure white flower with many petals varying from semi-double to full-double. Very formal, red flares. Propagated by Michel Riviere Nursery, France. Bulletin #285.

'Lydia Foote' Halbgefüllt. (Sir Peter Smithers). Große, halbgefüllte Blüte, weiß mit zarten hellmalvenfarbenen Basisflecken, lange weiße Staubfäden tragen goldbraune Antheren, Stempel weiß.

LYDIA FOOTE (Sir Peter SMITHERS, 1978). (Semi-double à double). Magnifique fleur blanche aux nombreux pétales tachés de rouge en leur base ; port très solide. Excellente variété très vigoureuse issue de ROCK'S VARIETY et de type SUFFRU-TICOSA très affirmé.

Sir Peter Smithers:

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