Paeonia mairei Leveille forma oxypetala (Handel-Mazzetti) Fang

Acta Phytotax Sinica 7(4):pp.288-323 1958

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]




Fang's original description


Paeonia Mairei Leveille forma oxypetala (Handel-Mazzetti) Fang, comb. nova, Plate 4.

Paeonia oxypetala Handel-Mazzetti in Anzeig. Akad. Wiss. Wien Math. Natur. LVII. 265 (1920) (PI. Nov. Sin. p. 1); Symb. Sin. VII (2). 265 (1931).—F. C. Stern in Journ. Roy. Hort. Soc.. LXVIII. 128 (1943); Stud. Gen. Paeonia, 80, fig. (1946).— Wu, Handb. Econ. PL I (1). 346 (1955).—Syn. nov.

Differt a typo petalorum apicibus brevi-acutis.

SW.Szechuan: Shih-mien Hsien (C. C. Hsieh. 39787, 39849,39934, 40153, 40068. 40200 & 41340).

Paeonia oxypetala was first described by Dr. Handel-Mazzetti from a single specimen (Field no. 1735) collected by himself in 1914 from Ta-liang-shan Range, east of Si-chang Hsien (formerly known Ning-yuen Fu). In 1955 flowering specimens were collected by C. C. Hsieh, from Shih-mien Hsien, situated north of Si-chang Hsien and from the same mountain range as the type. They agree with Dr. Handel-Mazzetti's species. As well as Leveille's species, P. Mairei, in essential characters, but with shortly acute apices of the petals. Therefore I consider Handel-Mazzetti's plant representing only a form of P. Mairei.

This form grows usually under or near forests in moist places at an altitude of 2000 to 2500 metres.

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