Paeonia 'Mammoth Rose'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



MAMMOTH ROSE (Franklin, 1940) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Tall. Gigantic rose type, large long petals of deep rose-pink cupped about shorter center petals. With good stems. List in Bulletin 91. Franklin's 1955 catalog.

MAMMOTH ROSE (M)(F)(Franklin) Perhaps the biggest flower of any in the garden--up to12" in diameter; a lavish rose-type bloom with long petals of deep lavender/rose pink cupped around shorter center petals; the plant is tall, but the stems are strong; rare and limited,

(+6) Mammoth size ! Huge flower, very double with a rose form. External petals are extremely large. A dark pink flower. Even if the size is impressive, stems are fairly strong and are supportive of the flowers. However, for me, the presentation in the garden will benefit of a staking. Plant of 90 cm. Mid-season bloomer. Fragrant. Rare on the market and extremely reliable. s!

(+6) Catégorie: mammouth! Énorme fleur, très double, en forme de rose. Les pétales extérieures gigantesques d’un rose très foncé. Malgré la dimension imposante de la fleur, les tiges sont fortes et supportent assez bien les fleurs. Un support améliorera la présentation. Plant de 90 cm. Floraison en mi-saison. Assez rare sur le marché. Fleurs parfumées..

Elizabeth Babb on webshots 2005:

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