Paeonia 'Many Happy Returns'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



(The registered variety Happy Returns has been changed to read MANY HAPPY RETURNS. For those that have purchased these peonies, please change your records accordingly).

MANY HAPPY RETURNS (Hollingsworth, Kansas City, Missouri), July 1, 1986. Seedling #1298. Parentage (NIPPON SPLENDOR x Good Cheer), 3-species hybrid. First bloomed 1979. Mid-season hybrid, Japanese to bomb, medium height, brick red, yellow-edged collar petalodes highlight the color. Abundant flowers. Center ball grows. Upright plant, wavy leaflets are extra divided, fast increaser. Pollen at petalode edges. Bulletin #259.

Many Happy Returns (Hollingsworth 1986) EM.  Anemone to Bomb double; rich, warm red hue, sometimes highlighted by a few yellow edges on the collar petals.  Very prolific, many stems; medium flower size is especially nice for floral design.  Long lasting cut, buds ovoid, stores especially well; buds will hold for weeks in refrigerated storage.  Medium height, erect stems; lightly waved leaflets.  For the landscape, foliage appearance benefits from high shade in our Midwest summer heat.  (Nippon Splendor x Good Cheer) presumed triploid, no fertility seen. 

MANY HAPPY RETURNS, Hollingsworth (USA), 1986, Hybride – Paeonia lactiflora ‘Nippon Splendor’ x (P. officinalis x P. peregrina) ‘Good Cheer’, Een bijzondere hybride afkomstig uit 3 verschillende soorten. De bloemvorm kan worden gekenmerkt als anemoonbloemig danwel volledig gevuld bomvormig. Prachtige rode kleur die opvallend kleurvast is in het zonlicht. Geen zijknoppen. Het blad is wat dieper ingesneden dan ‘gewoon’ en wordt gedragen door stevige stelen. Erg groeikrachtig en rijkbloeiend. Bijzonder en simpelweg vreselijk mooi.

MANY HAPPY RETURNS, Hollingsworth (USA), 1986 , Hybrid– Paeonia lactiflora ‘Nippon Splendor’ x (P. officinalis x P. peregrina) ‘Good Cheer’, A special cultivar, the result of a cross with 3 different species in her parentage - a so called 'triple hybrid'. Flower form can be categorized as anemone to bomb full double. 'Many Happy Returns' has a rich and bright, warm red color, sometimes highlighted by a few yellow edges on the collar petals. The color holds very well during the maturing process of the flowers. Leaflets are slightly waved and are deeper dissected than general lactiflora-varieties. Strong, erect stems of medium height. Very high vigour and a grand flower production. A special and sought after peony

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