Paeonia 'Mary Eddy Jones'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

MARY EDDY JONES (Nicholls 1961) D. LP. Late midseason. (887) Huge light pink blossoms 10", occasionally red edging, no carpels or stamens. Stiff stems. Names for Mrs. Fred Jones, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Registered by Gilbert H. Wild & Son.

Introduced for COL. NICHOLLS BY GILBERT H. WILD AND SON, INC.: Mary Eddy Jones(Nicholls, 1961) N 887 - Late Mid-season. Double. Pink.

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, p. 134:

Brian Porter on y!groups #9184

I agree with Michael's assessment of Mother's Choice - it is perhaps the best double white lactiflora that I grow - the flower form is really great on this one. It has some fragrance too, which is not mentioned in the APS checklist.
Another close favorite, which is really blush-white, is Mary Eddy Jones. I have been awed by the flowers it has put out the last few years - absolutely huge blossoms. I entered it in our local peony show and it came close to being considered best in show - a few petal blemishes were the only thing against it.
Unfortunately, it does have a fault - the flowers are so heavy that stems can snap, even when supported. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want to be without it.
This year it was one of the most vigorous peonies in my yard.

A close second for vigor would be Glory Hallelujah, dark pink lacti. It's stems are strong, but it will bend down in full bloom and benefits from support too. It is one of the last to bloom in my yard and I value it for extending the season.
For earlier hybrids, Smouthi, Firebelle and Burma Ruby are showy favorites that stand up well without support. Ludovica is another hybrid (pink) that is a favorite of mine. If it has a fault, it would be that the flowers gradually fade white and need deadheading. It is one of the shortest peonies I grow.
Does anyone grow Taki No Yoso'oi (not sure if I have the spelling correct)? If so, can you distinguish it from Sarah Bernhardt? I received a misnamed peony a
few years from a nursery that also listed Taki. I haven't had a chance to compare it (my Sarah Bernhardt is in a different yard), but I suspect it may be Sarah or Taki No Yoso'oi. Brian Porter Regina SK Canada

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