Paeonia mascula subsp. bodurii Özhatay in: Karaca Arboretum Mag. 3,Pt.1 pp.17-26 1995,

type: species, endemic to the NW of Turkey

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species]

accepted name


This new subspecies was first described by Özhatay (literature) in 1995. It grows in a steep gorge in the Canakkale province in the NW of the Anatolian peninsula (asian part of Turkey). The companion plants in its natural habitat are large trees of Quercus pubescens, but also conifers, Rhododendron ponticum, and ferns. In the same forest we found also very nice orchids.

The flowers are very large and white, but there are no dark basal blotches, as said, only basal iridescences, which results from a purplish coloration of the outer base of the petals . The leaves of these plants are very large and hairless. The stems are striped reddish. The 2-5 carpels and fruits are very dense tomentose with long white hairs. The stigma is shining red.

Surprising was to find, that this plant grows together with the normal red form of P. mascula. I found plants with normal leaves and others with reddish leaves, and my guide showed me, that the plant with the reddish leaves flowers red. Josef Halda observed besides the typical P. mascula in the Canakkale region also P. mascula ssp. bodurii in the near of Pamukkale together with P. peregrina.


Özhatay in: Karaca Arboretum Mag. 3,Pt.1 pp.17-26 1995,





the habitat in Canakkale prov.

red & white flowering plants growing side by side

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