Paeonia 'Mrs. Wilder Bancroft'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

MRS. WILDER BANCROFT (Nicholls, 1935) - Jap. - Red. 36" plant. (MIKADO adventitious. No. 194) Large typical Japanese. Rose madder (deep red) throughout except that the staminodes are edged and tipped gold. The wide, overlapping petals are horizontal. The staminodes are about 3/8" wide and are adequate in number; they form a semi-globular cushion. Extraordinarily lasting substance. Stiff stems. Grows strongly and propagates rapidly. Bulletin 61.

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Tartu Ülikooli Botaanikaaed (THE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TARTU) INDEX PLANTARUM : Paeonia 'Mrs. Wilder Bancroft' Nicholls 1935

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