Paeonia 'Prairie Moon'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



PRAIRIE MOON (Fay 1959) (56-1) Laura Magnuson x Archangel. Large, pale yellow. 25" tall. No side buds. Yellow stamens, center. Hybrid. Bulletin #155 December 1959.

Kortmann (1998)

'Prairie Moon' (Fay, U.S.K, 1959) (P. 'Laura Magnuson' x 'Archangel') Bloemen ivoorwit met geel midden (RHS CC 4D, Yellow Group), enkel; bladeren grof, matglanzend groen; hoogte 75 cm. In de groep enkelbloemige witte cultivars zijn er betere. Toch vindt de keuringscommissie, dat een plaats in het sortiment behouden dient te blijven.

Alan Rogers on [peony] on yahoogroups on April 06 2001:

We grew it from 1979 until we sold Caprice Nursery 5 years ago. Think it was the most fustrating peony we had.Some years it bloomed beautifully - semi double to almost double. Some years mostly single. Sometimes pale yellow, sometimes almost white. At it's best it was my favorite but sometimes we almost discarded it. Never a strong grower or increaser it took at least four years to get a good looking plant.
Al Rogers Pacific Northwest

'Prairie Moon' (Fay, 1965),Li,B,1-3/ 70-90,80,mittel,hell- schwefelgelb,A2,Zwei Blütenblattkränze, goldgelbe Mitte, halbgefüllt.

Brenda Maguire on yahoogroups on January 22 2002:

I really love Prairie Moon. It is one of my favorite herbaceous peonies. It blooms a lovely soft yellow here and is beautiful next to the coral peonies I have planted it with. The foliage is a lighter green and is especially appealing in the spring when the shoots breaking through the ground are a lovely light green in contrast to the red shoots of most of the others. Its stems are good as with most semi-double peonies. Unfortunately, Like most hybrid peonies it does not have the lovely fragrance of the old fashioned lactifloras. Even so I would not be without 'Prairie Moon' in my garden.

Prairie Moon (Fay, 1959) Pale yellow, single to semi-double, midseason, 32" tall, hybrid. A soft yellow that gives emphasis to any garden or flower arrangement. Place behind complimentary plants as the foliage is not outstanding.

PRAIRIE MOON White, Semi double, Early, 80cm. Two or three rows of soft creamy lemon petals frame the stamens on this open, flat flower. Works well with all other colours in the garden.

PRAIRIE MOON The soft butter cream colcsir of this peony is the most accommodating one there can be \ in the garden - it blends happily with any shade you tan think of. It is soft in colour, and yet will still give emphasis to any garden or flower arrangement. The semi double I flower is shown to great advantage over light green foliage. Definitely Dorothy's favourite, and one which we find very hard to meet the demand for. white, Semi double, Early, 90cm,

(+5) The prized and rare Prairie Moon. At the opening, flowers are of a splendid pale yellow fading soflty to a more ivory color with greenish accent a the base of the petals. The flower is simple to semi-double on very supportive stems. No support required. The flower is beautiful and attracts the attention from afar. However, the foliage is not as good. Very few seeds. Blooms at the beginning of mid-season. Plant of 85 cm.

(+5) La très recherchée et très rare Prairie Moon aux splendides fleurs jaune pâle devenant graduellement ivoire. La fleur peut-être simple à semi-double et est portée solidement par les tiges au-dessus du feuillage. Port ferme ne nécessitant pas de tuteur. On choisit cette pivoine plus pour la fleur, qui est magnifique, que pour son feuillage qui est plutôt moyen. Produit quelques graines (parents : Laura Magnuson X Archangel). Floraison en début de mi-saison. Plant de 85 cm.


Flower type: Peony—Single

Size: 30"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early, Hybrid

Hybridizer: Orville Fay

This rare color breakthrough for herbaceous peonies is a glowing and creamy soft butter white. A wonderful contrast to other bolder colored early hybrids.

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