Paeonia 'Red Grace'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



RED GRACE - Lymon D. Glasscock, Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, April 8, 1980. Parentage unknown. Double deep red hybrid. First bloomed about 1955. Good substance, ball form. So tightly petaled it is almost a complete globe.

RED GRACE:This dark, clear crimson red double hybrid forms a complete ball as the bloom expands to full size. Early blooming with no fuchsia or purple tones. Strong 32" stems. Early-midseason.


RED GRACE (Glasscock, registered by Klehm) Hybrid double, early. A great, many petaled bright red flower grows into a huge globe - a real traffic stopper. It has the largest blooms of all the hybrids in this catalog, and is a variety we highly recommend

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, p. 111:

Glasscock / Klehm (USA), 1980
Hybride - Paeonia officinalis x P. lactiflora

De cultivar met de állergrootste bloemen uit ons assortiment, en misschien wel van alle vaste plant pioenen. Enorme grote donkerrode bloemen. De bloemen zijn zó gevuld dat ze bijna een volledige en perfecte bal vormen. Deze massieve bloemen worden gedragen op een gelijkwaardig gewas met dikke stelen die de bloemen goed overeind houden. Nog zeer exclusief. Deze cultivar wordt wel eens de overtreffende trap van 'Red Charm' genoemd en dat is iets wat eigenlijk onmogelijk is..

RED GRACE, Glasscock / Klehm (USA), 1980, Hybrid - Paeonia officinalis x P. lactiflora, This variety has the largest blooms of all the ones listed here, and very likely of all herbaceous peonies around. Truely huge full double dark red flowers of the bomb-type. Technically 'Red Grace' is of the same red color as 'Red Charm', but the flower is so tightly petaled it is almost a complete globe and appearing very dark red. The unusual ball-shaped flowers are carried well by massive stems. No sidebuds. Very exclusive. Insiders sometimes call 'Red Grace' the superlative of 'Red Charm', and that is something hardly possible...

Red Grace (Glasscock, 1980) Deep red, bomb-type double, midseason, 32" tall, hybrid. The same color as Red Charm but with a flower so tightly petaled it is almost a complete globe. Unusual ball shaped flower.


Flower type: Peony—Double, Size: 36", Plant zone(s): 2-8, Bloom time: Early, Hybrid., Hybridizer: Lyman Glasscock-Roy G. Klehm, Deep red double so tightly petalled that it looks like a fluffy softball. A garden delight.

Svetlana Poperechnaya 2006:

Entsminger 2007

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