Paenia 'Requiem' (Saunders 1941)

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]


lac #3082


#3283 (lac X MAC)


10993 'Requiem'


REQUIEM (Saunders, 1941) - Single - White - Hybrid. Another lovely waxy-white single, about one week after Garden Peace. Finest substance and foliage. Albiflora x macrophylla, second generation back cross. List in Bulletins 91 and 129. Correction by Miss Saunders, 1955.

Requiem (1941) M. Another lovely waxy-white single, about one week after Garden Peace. Finest substance. (Albiflora x Macrophylla (mid May to mid June) Back-crosses, in which one of the F-1's was crossed back onto an albiflora variety)

Requiem (Saunders 1941) EM.  Single; waxy white petals with red highlights at center, stamens tend toward staminode form.  Occasionally we see late freeze damage on stamen tips.  Finest of flower and foliage substance.  Excellent plant habit, decorative throughout the growing season.  Splendid in the landscape. 

Autumn/Herbst :


REQUIEM (Saunders, 1941) Hybrid, early. Large, milk white bloom, touched light pink when first open. Petals have good substance, and leaves are very large, with deep green color. Vigorous

Zeppelin (2001)

'Requiem' (USA Saunders 1941). Einfache zartrosa bis fast weiße Blütenschale mit hellgelben Staubbeuteln..

Rivière (2000):

REQUIEM ((Saunders, 1941). (ALBIFLORA X MACROPHYLLA). Grande fleur simple, blanc ivoire aux pétales de texture ferme et épaisse. Cœur d'étamines jaune très lumineux. Très bonne végétation. Mi-saison à tardive. Hauteur moyenne.

Nicholls (1999):

REQUIEM (Saunder 41) Hybrid. Waxy-white single with golden stamens and red carpel tips. Excellent substance and dark green foliage. Midseason

REQUIEM The straw coloured stamens twist and twirl round the red tipped carpels, and are in complete harmony with the slightly frilled cream petals of this elegant single peony, white, single, Mid season 85cm,

REQUIEM White, single, Mid season , No staking. 85cm. Soft cream-white slightly frilled petals with straw coloured stamens.

'Requiem' (Saunders 1941) : lactiflora x macrophilla. Flr.simple blanche, 90cm, précoce

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