Paeonia 'Scalet O'Hara'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



SCARLET O'HARA (Falk-Glasscock 1956) (Al-A-95) VE. R (Officinalis x albiflora) Guards scarlet, yellow stamens, flower large, single. Registered Mrs. Elizabeth Falk, Plainfield, Illinois Bulletin #142 September 1956.

Kortmann (1998)

'Scarlett O'Hara' (Glasscock Falk, U.S.A., 1956) Bloemen donker bloedrood tot vlammend rood (RHS CC 60B, Red Purple Group), enkel; meeldraden talrijk, goudgeel; bladeren vrij groot, donkergroen, blaadjes vaak iets ingesneden; hoogte 110 cm; bloemstengels stevig, vertakking matig. Deze cuItivar munt uit in bloemkleur en blad en is bovendien nauwelijks gevoelig voor Botrytis. De zeer lange bloemstengels hebben in het algemeen slechts één bloem. Vooral in knoptoestand gesneden is dit een prachtige pioen. De studiegroep "Snijpioenentelers" van de NTS (Nederlandse Tuinbouw Studiegroepen) beoordeelt deze cultivar als zeer goed, ondanks de matige vertakking, waardoor de vermeerdering beperkt is.

SCARLET O'HARA (Falk, Glasscock, 1956). (Lactiflora x Officinalis). (Simple). Belle fleur rouge flamme brillant sur tiges très hautes. Pas très précoce pour un hybride. H. 1,30 m.


Flower type: Peony—Single

Size: 36"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early, Hybrid

Hybridizer: Lyman Glasscock-Elizabeth Falk

Fiery red single with tall, vigorous plant habit and rich green foliage. A spirited, vigorous red for the garden.

Plant Delights Nursery 2005

Paeonia 'Scarlett O'Hara' (L. Glasscock - E. Falk)

SunZone: 4-8 36" tall Origin: Hybrid

I was thrilled to find this peony right at the top of the list from our heat tolerance trials, and with a wonderful southern name, I expected no less. At our May open house, no plant drew more comments than our stunning clump of P. 'Scarlett O'Hara'. The brilliant red single flowers and contrasting mass of golden stamens on 3' tall stems make this a real attention-getter in the garden. If you have a full sun garden, you need this peony and yes, we frankly do give a damn

Scarlet O'Hara (Falk-Glasscock,1956) Red, single, early, 36" tall, hybrid. Large, fiery red single. Superb, rich green foliage and on a very vigorous, easy to grow plant.

SCARLET O'HARA:As vibrant as it's namesake! Very large red single goblet shaped blooms on 4 foot vigorous plants with dark green foliage. No staking required on this hybrid. Side buds for a long season of bloom.


SCARLET O'HARA (Glasscock, 1956) Hybrid, early. As beautiful and strong willed as her movie namesake - bright scarlet red blooms on an exceptionally strong plant. Excellent companion plant for Illini Warrior

'Scarlet O 'Hara (Glasscock 1947) : flr. semi-double rouge brillante, étamines jaunes, 1m, mi-saison.

Das lackige Scharlachrot verblaßt im Laufe der Blüte und weicht einem immer bleicheren Rosa.

Die Farbe der Narben ändert sich auch - sie werden immer dunkler

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