Paeonia 'Dandy Dan'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



DANDY DAN (Auten, 1946) - Semi-Double - Dark Red - Hybrid. Tall. A brilliant red bloom with some stamens showing. Beautiful form, on tall stiff stems. Color very fine. Officinalis x albiflora. List in Bulletin 129.

The peony garden:

(Auten, 1946) Semi-double, Red, 35", Early. Dark red semi-double flowers with wavy edges. Beautiful form on stiff stems. Very fine color. Rare variety

Flower Form: Semi-double

Staking: No

Height: 60-90 cm

Bloom Period: Week 4

Fragrance: Faint

Side Buds: Occasional

Comments: This is one sturdy peony! It is one of the first plants through the ground in the spring and nothing will knock it over. The foliage is a lighter green than many peonies and adds a nice addition to the perennial border. The flowers are lovely shade of dark red with many uniform petals. Plants here often produce perfectly formed semi-double and double flowers on the same plant.

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