Paeonia 'Black Panther'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]

(Saunders 1948) - Semi-double large deep maroon flowers, gold center. Foliage cut leaved.

peonies & seeds

peonies & seeds

'Black Panther' (Saunders 1948) Gruppe 5. Blüte beinahe vollgefüllt von dunkelkastanienbrauner Farbe mit gewellten, an der Basis helleren Petalen. Das Laub ist sehr fein unterteilt, sehr starkwüchsige Pflanze. Foto Seite 42.


Flower type: Tree Peony—Semi-double

Plant zone(s): 4-8

Bloom time: Mid to late

Hybridizer: A.P. Saunders

Many rows of petals give a full, frothy look to this huge flower of deep Bing Cherry red. This outstanding flower is accompanied by distinctive cutleaf foliage on a sturdy, well-formed plant.

BLACK PANTHER Freely produced fully double blooms of the darkest black red are displayed over finely cut foliage.

BLACK PANTHER The foliage of this tree peony is quite different in that the leaves are more finely cut, giving quite a lacey effect. The fully double blooms are of the darkest black red and are very freely produced. Makes a fine specimen. Double, dark red.

Black Panther Saunders 1948 EM 4' Fr Semi-Dbl
Large fragrant blooms, an intriguing shade of almost black-red. The foliage is fine and delicately incised. It resembles the talons of eagles. The glossy flowers are held above and out facing. Black Panther is hands down, my favorite in the black-red group. Sublime & Rare.

BLACK PANTHER '(Saunders, 1948). Fleur semi-double très fournie, rouge acajou très sombre à reflets chocolat presque noir. Pétales soyeux très brillants à l'aspect souple. Plante hémisphérique, bien formée à végétation importante. Feuillage vert franc très légèrement liseré de pourpre. Folioles de taille moyenne allongés et très découpés Tardive

'Black Panther' (Saunders 1948) : flr. semi-double rouge-brun foncé brillant

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, p. 183:


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