Paeonia 'Coral Charm'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

CORAL CHARM (Samuel E. Wissing, Lombard, Illinois 1964) F2, formerly 640. Semi-double, hybrid, huge bowl shaped flower, coral, golden center of stamens. 36" stems.

'Coral Charme' (Wissing, 1964),Li,B,1-3/ 70-90,80, früh, korallenrosa, D2, Halbgefüllt

Kortmann (1998)

'Coral Charm' (Wissing, U.S.A., 1964) P. lactiflora x P. peregrina 'Otto Fröbel' Bloemen koraalroze met oranje ondertoon, komvormig, halfgevuld, meeldraden goudgeel; hoogte 90 cm; bloemstengels stevig; vertakking matig tot slecht. 'Coral Charm' is vorstgevoelig en daardoor is de plant ook gevoelig voor Botrytis. Door de unieke bloemkleur is deze pioen heel bijzonder in het sortiment. Ondanks de negatieve factoren werd deze cultivar met één ster gewaardeerd.

CORAL CHARM (E)(Wissing) Large, brilliant coral semi-double; the tight hot coral pink buds open to a rich coral peach then fade to softer shades of coral all the way to tangerine yellow; a mature plant will have the spectacular effect of showing all the shades at once; tall with strong stems and oh, so easy to grow

Nicholls Gardens (1999):

CORAL CHARM (Wissing 64 GM86) Semi-double deep coral buds open to a rich coral-peach then age to gorgeous softer shades with a beautiful form. Good grower and winner of APS Medal. Tall. Early.

CORAL CHARM Coral, Double, Early, 120cm. Deep coral apricot buds that fade slightly as they mature. Strong grower and great for picking.

CORAL CHARM:Large globular, semi-double blooms of coral peach. Vigorous early blooming hybrid. The flowers resemble an antique rose in shape.

Semi-double. Medium size. Early. Tall. American plant patent 4247 registered by Klehm Nursery

CORAL CHARM Deep coral apricol buds that lade slighlly äs they mature. Strong grower. Certainly a real charmer in the garden, perhaps too because people are not yet used to seeing pconics in this colour. Very much in demand for the cut flower market. C.Double, Early, 120cm.

Coral Charm (Wissing 1964) Early midseason. Semi-Double, deep orange-coral buds open to pleasing coral-peach flowers, passing with creamy tones. Numerous strongly cupped petals grade smaller inward, surrounding a cluster of light yellow stamens. Tall stems are reachy, leaning with the open flower, consider adding mechanical support when to be flowered in the landscape. Much valued for the florist trade. APS Gold Medal 1986. Item 1454.

Coral Charm (Wissing, 1965) Coral, semi-double, early-midseason, 40" tall, hybrid. Very vigorous, large cup-shaped flowers. Exotic deep coral that fades to a softer color on opening. May need staking. APS Gold Medal winner 1986.


Flower type: Peony—Semi-double

Size: 36"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early, Hybrid

Hybridizer: Samuel Wissing-Roy G. Klehm

Early, semi-double has deep coral buds that open to pleasing coral-peach blossom. True color breakthrough for the peony garden.

Wissing (USA), 1964
Hybrid– Paeonia lactiflora x P. peregrina ‘Otto Froebel’
Semi-double huge bowl-shaped flowers of a coral color with dark yellow stamens and bright pink tipped carpels. A very trendy peony because of her distinctive flower color and the change of this when maturing. Flowers open to a rich coral-peach and then age to softer shades of coral all the way to a creamy yellow. Mature well grown plants display all this diverse beauty in one spot! Very little sidebuds, very vigorous, tall growing. Awarded with the APS Gold Medal in 1986.

Wissing (USA), 1964
Hybride – Paeonia lactiflora x P. peregrina ‘Otto Froebel’
Zeer grote koraalkleurige semi-dubbele bloemen met donkergele meeldraden en felroze stempels. Een erg trendy pioen door haar aparte oranje-achtige kleur en kameleonbloei (bij aanvang roze met witte vlammen in de basis, vervolgens verbloeiend naar oranje, crème en uiteindelijk wit). Volwassen planten tonen al deze kleurenpracht in één! Praktisch geen zijknoppen. Zeer groeikrachtig en forse lengte. Bekroond met de APS Gold Medal in 1986.

Im Laufe der Blütezeit bleicht die Farbe immer mehr aus, ist zum Schluß faßt creme.

'Coral Charm' (Wissing 1964) : flr. semi-double corail devenant jaune crème, 1,20m, précoce


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