Paeonia 'Coral Supreme'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

CORAL SUPREME - Samuel Wissing - Registered by Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, January 2, 1981. Parentage: Minnie Shaylor x Otto Froebel; first bloomed about 1963 or 1965; seedling number unknown. Double hybrid, salmon color, flat form, reliable, stamens, pollen, no seeds, fragrant, good substance. Good stem strength and foliage, vigorous, 36 inches, early. Appears to be a sister of seedling of Coral Charm. This selection has more salmon color in it and somewhat fuller flower form. A healthy grower. One bud per stem. Plant patent applied for.

CORAL SUPREME (Samuel Wissing, Lombard, Illinois 1964) Formerly (689) Color break result of inbreeding lactiflora Minne Shaylor. Inbreeding suggestions given on page 191 by Prof. Saunders, A.P.S. Manual. Bulletin #170 173-174 June-September 1964.


Flower type: Peony—Semi-double

Size: 36"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early, Hybrid

Hybridizer: Samuel Wissing-Roy G. Klehm

Gorgeous semi-double with beautiful salmon-coral blossoms atop vigorous, healthy plants. Unique cup coral formed flowers reflect the 27 years of work done by Mr. Wissing in the peony breeding field.

CORAL SUPREME Coral, Semi double, Early, 110cm. Salmon coral pink blooms on a vigorous healthy plant. Semi-double cup shaped flowers that are wide and comparatively flat.

CORAL SUPREME Salmon coral pink blooms on a vigorous healthy plant. Semi double cup shaped flowers that are wide and comparatively flat. Most attractive, and quietly beautiful. C.Semi double, Early, 110cm.

CORAL SUPREME (M)(Wissing) Large semi-double salmon coral pink, paler and pinker than Coral Charm, but a vivid and unique coral beauty in its own right; plant height to about 36 inches

Coral Supreme (Wissing 1964) Early midseason. Semi-double; salmon pink petals around a light yellow center, form a wide, shallow cup. Tall, leaning with the opened flower. Item 1722.

Flower Form: Semi-double

Staking: No

Height:60-90 cm

Bloom Period: Week 5

Fragrance: No

Side Buds: Occassional

Comments: Registered as a double but more of a semi-double here. Flowers fade gracefully to a very light peach colour before dropping their petals. Very similar in form and colour to ‘Coral Charm

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Wissing / Klehm (USA), 1981
Hybrid– Paeonia lactiflora ‘Minnie Shaylor’ x P. peregrina ‘Otto Froebel’
A wanted peony. Typical Coral-hybrid with large semi-double flowers. A little more salmon-colored than 'Coral Charm' and starts flowering one or two days earlier. Like the others from the Coral-series very vigorous and tall growing. Little to no sidebuds. A fabulous variety.

Wissing / Klehm (USA), 1981
Hybride – Paeonia lactiflora ‘Minnie Shaylor’ x P. peregrina ‘Otto Froebel’
Een gezochte pioenroos. Typische koraalhybride met grote half gevulde bloemen. Iets zalmkleuriger dan Coral Charm en één à twee dagen eerder in bloei. Net als de andere Corals zeer groeikrachtig en vrij hoog. Zijknoppen komen sporadisch voor. Een fantastische cultivar.


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