Paeonia jishanensis T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao

Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 12 (3) :223-234,1992

type: [tree peony] – [species]


original description:


Paeonia jishanensis T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao, sp. nov.

Varietati P. suffruticosae Andr. var. spontaneae Rehd. affinis, sed petalis albis, filamentis omnino fertilibus differt.

Frutex deciduus, circa 1.2m altus, cortice brunneolo, striato, Rami floriferi brunneo-rufi, viriduli, lenticellis indistinctis; floricannae grisellae, lenticellis punctiformibus nigris notatae. Folia bipinnata, pinnis 3, foliolis ad 15, leviter rotundatis vel ovatis, 2,8—5,5cm longis, 1.3—4.9cm latis, apice obtuso-acutis, basi rotundatis, late cuneatis vel leviter cordatis, 1—5-lobis, dentatis, supra glabris, subtus sericeis, postremo glabratis, nervis lateralibus utroque latere 2—3, foliolis lateralibus subsessilibus raro petiolulatis, petiolulis 6mm longis, basi comosis. Flores solitarii, terminalesi brabteae lanceolato-ellipticae, anguste oblongae vel lineares, 3—5.8cm longae, 0.5—1.4cm latae, subtus pubescentesi sepala late ovata vel oblongo-elliptica, 4—5cm longa, 1.8— 2.5cm lata, apice rotundata vel obtuso-acuta; petala 10, leyiter rugosa, plus minusve rotundata, 4—5.5cm longa, 4—5cm lata, apice pauci-dentata, alba, ex parte erubescentia, basi dilute purpureo-rubescentia; stamina numerosa, antheris flavis, linearibus, 0.8—1.1cm longis, filamentis juxta apicem albis ceterum atro-purpuratis, 0.8—1cm longisi discus atro-purpuratus, apice dentatus; carpella 5, dense flavo-albo-hirsute sericea, stigmatibus atro-purpuratis. Folliculi juvenives 1.8—2cm longi, dense albo-griseo-hirsuti. Semina nitida, nigra, glabra. Florescentia fine Aprilis ad initium Maji.

Shanxi: Jishan, ------------------

Jishan Peony (Paeonia jishanensis T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao sp. nov.)

It differs from P. suffruticosa Andr. subsp. spontanea (Rehd.) Haw & Lauener in its white flowers and without petaloid stamens.

A. Rehder, an American dendrologist, identified and nominated it as a new variety (P. suffruticosa Andr. var. spontanea Rehd.) in 1920, based on the specimen No. 338 collected by W. Purdom in 1910 at a place located at 25 kilometers away from the west of Yanan. The original Latin description of its main characteristics is; "floribus roseis, interdum staminibus petaloideis praeditis" (flowers roseate, sometimes presence of petaloid stamens).

In 1990, S, G, Haw & L. A. Lauener changed Render's variety into subspecies (P. suffruticosa subsp. spontanea) and identified the white-flowered wild peony which is distributed over Majiagou Jishan County in Sbanxi Province at the alt. 1450m to the same subspecies.

The author thinks that the petaloid stamens is one of the most important characteristics of Peony Cultivars originating from wild species after cultivation. It shouldn't be confused with wild peony. Therefore, Haw's subspecies should be lowered and changed to cultivar. The Jishan Peony is an undoubted wild woody peony species,




Hong & Osti


Paeonia spontanea (Rehder) T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao, stat. nov.Syn.:..P. jishanensis T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao in Bull. of Bot. Res. 12(3):225-226. 1992, Syn.nov.




Editor's Note in: The new Plantsman vol. 1, 4:p.247 (1994)


Paeonia jishanensis Hong Tao & W.Z. Zhao was first described at species level in 1992. When they raised var. spontanea Rehder to species level in 1994, and assigned this name to the taxon, Hong & Zhao created a superfluous name. In accordance with Article 11,3 of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclatur (1988) which states „For any taxon below the rank of genus, the correct name ist the combination of the final epithet of the earliest legitimate name of the taxon of the same rank, with the correct name of the species to which is assigned“the name P. jishanensis must stand because it was the first name to be published at species rank. Paeonia spontanea is an incorrect substitute which cannot be accepted, and therefore becomes a synonyme.






Paeonia jishanensis (Hong Tao e W. Z. Zhao), in «Bulletin of Botanical Research of Northeastern Forestry Institute», 12 (3), 1992, p. 22; corrisponde sostanzialmente alla vecchia classificazione P. spontanea (Rehder) modificata poi in P. suffruticosa ssp. spontanea. Questa classificazione è stata più volte modificata nel tempo e non credo questa sia la sede opportuna per dilungarci sull'argomento: sono convinto che sia giusto riportarla ora al rango di specie. Le foglie sono ovate, biternate, usualmente con 9 foglioline o più. La fogliolina terminale è lobata, più o meno profondamente e i lobi sono dentati. Produce numerosi stoloni e si riproduce usualmente in tal modo. La germinazione da seme è casuale. I fiori e anche la pianta sono in genere più piccoli delle altre specie (direi di taglia simile alla P. potanini), i petali bianchi, il disco del fiore rosso. Originaria dei monti Ma Jia Gou, nei dintorni della città diJishan, nello Shanxi e, nello Shaanxi, nei monti Qmling, vicino a X'ian. A quanto mi vien detto dai forestali locali è una pianta la cui propagazione da seme non è finora mai riuscita:






Paeonia spontanea (Rehder) T.Hong and W. Z. Zhao in Bull. of Bot. Res. 14(3): 238, 1994.

P. suffruticosa Andr. var. spontanea Rehder

P. suffruticosa Andr. ssp. spontanea (Rehder) S.G.Haw and L.A. Lauener

P. jishanensis T. Hong and W.Z. Zhao.




Hong, D.-Y. & Pan, K.-Y. 1999. A revision of the Paeonia suffruticosa complex (Paeoniaceae). -Nordic Journal of Botany 19: 289-299. Copenhagen. ISSN 0107-055X.


2. Paeonia jishanensis T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao

Bull. Bot. Res. 12(3): 225. Fig. 2. 1992. - Type: China, Shanxi, Jishan, Xiqiu, alt. 1200 m. 1991,05,10. Hong, T.915010(CAF,n.v.)

P. spontanea (Rehder) T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao Bull. Bot. Res. 14(3): 238, 1994.

P. suffructicosa ssp. spontanea (Rehder) S. G. Haw & L. A. Lauener in Edinb. J. Bot. 47(3): 278. 1990.

P. suffruticosa var. spontanea Rehder in J. Arn. Arb. l. 193. 1920, p.p., excl. specim. Tai-pei-shan (Mt. Taibai), Purdom s.n.(syntype of var. spontanea. A!); Stern, Stud. Gen. Paeonia, 43. 1946; K. Y. Pan, Fl. Reip. Pop. Sin. 27: 45. 1979. - Type (lectotype): China, Shaanxi, "50 li W. of Yenanfu" [Yan'an!], 1910, Purdom 338 (here designated A! isolectotypes E, K).

The group has been treated at three different levels, as variety by Rehder (1920), Stern (1946), Anonymous (1972) and Pan (1979), as subspecies by Haw & Lauener (1990) and as independent species by Hong, T. & Zhao (1994). The major differences between "suffruticosa" and "spontanea" are leaflet shape (particularly lateral ones), leaflet division and leaf indumentum in addition to whether there exist plantlets from root turions (spontanea) or not (suffruticosa).

The entity is scatteredly found in the Zhongtiao Mountains (Yongji County in Shanxi and Jiyuan County in Henan), the Luliang Mountains (Jishan County, Shanxi), the Huashan Mountains (Huayin County, Shaanxi), and Tongchuan and Yan'an both in Shaanxi (Fig. 7). All these populations except the one in Yan'an grow in thickets or in secondary deciduous forests at altitudes from 900 to 1700 m. The population in Yan'an consists of several individuals at the western side of the peony garden behind Zhaojun Temple in Wanhua Shan, and may well be introduced and naturalized there. Because the garden has been established probably for hundreds of years, and no one (including local people) knows its exact history, it is hard to give a definite answer about the history of P. jishanensis in Yan'an. All the populations mentioned above have purely white petals which are occasionally pinkish at the periphery (Plate 4).

Specimens examined. Henan: Jiyuan, 1050 m alt. 1997,04,26 Wang. S. Y. H97001 (PE, MO); Huadong-shu Forest Farm, 1200 m alt., 1994,05,22, Wang, S.Y. and Zhang, Y.J. 940220 (PE).

Shaanxi, Yan'an, Wanhua Shan, 36.6N, 109.4E, near the peony garden, 1997,05,09, Hong, D. Y. and Feng Y. X. H97066 (PE); eodem loc., Hsia, W. Y. 3519 (PE); Shaanxi-Gansu Basin, Le, T. Y. s. n. (PE).

Shanxi, no precise locality, 1390 m alt 1916,06.16, P. Licent 1909 (PE); Jishan: Xishe, 1550 m alt. 1989,05, Qiu, J. Z. PB89201 (PE); eodem loc. 1440 m alt. Qiu, J. Z. PB89501 (PE) ; Majiagou Village, 35.7N, 110.9 E. 1400 m alt. 1996,05,14, Zhou, S. L. H96053 (PE, A, K, MO, S); Majiagou Forest Farm, Chayuangou, 1450 m alt. 1982,05,14, Liu T. W. and Zeng Z. F. 165 (PE); eodem loc. Pei, Y. L. 9002 (PE); eodem loc., Pei, Y. L. and Hong, D. Y. 93003 (PE), 93006 (PE), 93008 (PE), 93009 (PE); Yongji, Shuiyukou Village, Pei, Y. L. 9170 (PE), 9180 (PE). 9201(PE); eodem loc., Pei, Y. L. and Hong, D. Y. 93011 (PE), 93427 (PE).




HONG De-Yuan & PAN Kai-Yu Taxonomical history and revision of Paeonia sect. Moutan (Paeoniaceae) Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica 37(4):351-368(1999) Paeonia jishanensis T. Hong et W. Z. Zhao


Hybrid very closely related to P. jishanensis:


Wang et al. 2003 japanese name: Wai botan

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