Paeonia 'May Lilac'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

MAY LILAC (Saunders, 1950) - Semi-Double - Clear Lilac - Hybrid. Albiflora x macrophylla - 2nd generation. List Bulletin 129.

May Lilac (1950) E. Unique clear like color, Fine. (Albiflora x Macrophylla (mid May to mid June) The following four names, plus No. 4992, are F2's )

MAY LILAC Saunders (USA), 1950, Hybrid - Paeonia lactiflora x P. macrophylla, Single flowering hybrid with many cup shaped flowers of a unique and very bright lavender color. No sidebuds. Mature plants are very showy; they easily produce a mass of flowers and the entire growing season the numerous shiny large light green rounded leaflets clearly coming from her macrophylla-parent provide a gorgeous peony for the landscape. A very rare variety and regarded highly by connoiseurs.

MAY LILAC, Saunders (USA), 1950, Hybride - Paeonia lactiflora x P. macrophylla , Enkele bloeiwijze van een unieke zeer heldere lila tot lavendelachtige kleur. Geen zijknoppen. Volwassen planten bloeien enorm rijk en door het talrijk aanwezige grote lichgroene en ronde blad is 'May Lilac' een beeldschone cultivar. Erg zeldzaam en geliefd onder 'kenners'

May Lilac (Klehm, 1987) Lilac, single, early, 32" tall, hybrid. A cup shaped bloom that stays lilac in our cool climate. The plant shows the large light green rounded foliage of its macrophylla parent making it a nice landscape contrast to the lactiflora peonies.

MAY LILAC (Saunders)(M) Medium size cup shaped blooms are always a rich shade of lilac in our climate; a very desirable peony that forms a massive bush with large leaves and never fails to have a mass of fresh looking, long lasting blooms; albiflora X macrophylla, 2nd generation; limited,

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