02236 Paeonia monticola Jordan

Jordan & Fourreau, Ic. Fl. Eur. 2, 37, t. 319 (1903)

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2005):

Paeonia officinalis L.






P.officinalis L. emend. Willdenow, L. SP.PI. 2, 1221 (1800);

Syn. .....P.monticola Jordan in Jordan & Fourreau, Ic. Fl. Eur. 2, 37, t. 319 (1903). ...

Crimson-flowered Peony
- Paeonia monticola -

by John Sims and S. Edwards, Sansum



This elegant botanical print originates from the Curtis Botanical Magazine, an extensive collection of  botanical artwork with a publishing history of more than 200 years.  It’s founder, William Curtis (1746-1799), was a trained pharmacist living in London, whose greater interest was the study of flora and insects. He created a large Botanic Garden in London, where he grew beautiful exotic plants, and began publishing the Curtis Botanical Magazine in 1787.  Accompanying each remarkable color illustration of ornamental plants in the magazine, are notes on taxonomy, cultivation methods and other useful information.  A copy of this text is included with each purchased print.

 The Crimson-flowered Peony earned its right to be classified as a separate species due to the number and form of its capsules as well as its foliage.  The bright crimson color of the flowers was first noticed by older Botanists.  It is considerably more tender than the Common Peony, hence Zone 8 recommendations for ideal growing.



          COMMON NAMES                 Crimson-flowered Peony

          GENUS                                 Paeonia

          SPECIES                              Paeonia Peregrina

          CLASS                                  Polyandria

          ORDER                                 Digynia

          AUTHORITY                           Miller

          MODERN GENUS                  Paeonia

          MODERN SPECIES               Paeonia monticola

          MODERN FAMILY                  Paeoniaceae

          PLANT TYPE                         Herb

          COLOR                                  Deep red

          SEASON                               Late spring - Early summer

          NATIVE REGION                    Southern Europe

          ZONE                                     8

          SOURCE                               The Botanical Magazine

          VOLUME                                26

          PLATE                                   1050

          PUBLISHED DATE                 1807


          EDITOR                                  John Sims

          ARTIST                                   S. Edwards, Sansum


SIZE:  16" x 20"

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