Paeonia 'Moon River'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

Ken Clare:

MOON RIVER (C. Klehm) Large, finely formed, deep cream double with luminous pink blush. Full petalled flowers carried on short, strong stems with dark green foliage Midseason. Height 28 inches.


‘Moon River’ (Klehm):
The very large full double flowers are pale rose. Dark leaves and strong stems. Late flowering.

A&D Nursery:

MOON RIVER (M)(Klehm) Large deep cream double with a luminous pink blush; full rose-form flowers on strong stems; plant height to 28 inches


MOON RIVER:Large, beautifully formed double cream-pink on short, 28" strong stems blooms midseason.

'Moon River' (Klehm) : flr. double blanc rosé, 1m, mi-saison, parfumée.

Large double flower, fully petalled, of a blush pink. Beautiful flower! Compact plant with strong stems holding the flowers without any support. Plant of 65 cm. Fragrant. Mid-season bloomer. Excellent cut flower. Adorable!

Large fleur double en forme de coupe, d’un blanc rosé. Très belle fleur ! Plant compact avec de fortes tiges tenant très bien les fleurs, aucun support requis. Plant de 65 cm. Fleurs parfumées. Floraison en mi-saison. Très bonne fleur à couper. Adorable!

MOON RIVER When people think of peonies, this is the type that most visualise - soft pink, fully double, and with fragrance. What more can you ask? Pink Double, Mid season 65cm.

MOON RIVER Pink, Double, Mid season , Fragrant. 65cm. Large well shaped pale to mid pink blooms. Good for picking. Strong stems.

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