type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [Japanese botan]


Japan, before 1925

PEONIES, The Manual of the American Peony Society, ed. by James Boyd, Copyright 1928 by American Peony Society: Tree Peony Check-list.

Henry & Lee, Japanese Importers, New York, N. Y., 1925.

Rimpo. (originated in Japan, 1926.) offered by Henry & Lee 1926. (Presumed to be in commerce, 1927.)

The Chugai Nursery, Yamamoto, Japan, Catalog 1940-1941: Tree peony, Selected Varieties:

(Japanese tree peony - Purple Flowering group) A full double flower with thick petals which holds its shape in afternoon sun. Medium size. Stigmas and sheath white. Midseason. Trunk thick. Vigorous.

Ariga (1993)

RINPOU (Greif-Phönix) Schwärzliches Dunkelpurpurrot. Die Kronblätter sind etwas kräftig und spätblühend. Mittelgroße Blüte in tausendfacher Blüte. Die Sorte ist zwar stark, wächst aber langsam.


Flower type: Tree Peony—Semi-double

Plant zone(s): 4-8

Bloom time: Early

Hybridizer: Japanese Moutan

Rich deep red high crowned blossoms with excellent style and substance. Nice, showy center base of stamens.

Rivière (1995):

'Rimpou' "Geweihter Vogel" Sorte japanischer Herkunft. Gefüllt violett mit dunkelrotem Glanz, Pflanze hoch und starkwachsend mit dicken Ästen.


sold for a time under the name 'Diamond Jubilee'

Large semi-double blooms which open very flat. An unusual lilac purple with silvery edges to the petals. Unfortunately a difficult pigment to reproduce with conventional photographic film.

RIMPOU "Oiseau sacré". (Double). Fleur mauve violacé à cœur jaune bien détaché : se tient très ferme au-dessus du feuillage

'Rimpow (Japon) : flr. double rouge pourpre foncé

Kotobuki Bussan:

Rimpoh. (Phoenix of China). 1925. Japan. Japanese suffruticosa. Semi-double, purple-red with great form. The large flowers are well ruffled and carriage is upright. Purple stigmas, maroon stamens and sheath. Unfurling flowers look like rose buds. Excellent medium matte green foliage. Good winter stem hardiness and annually puts on a great show. Fertile both ways.

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