Paeonia 'Philomèle'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]


Calot (115)

Paeonia sinensis. Extra-Auslese der feinsten Sorten, die das beste enthält, was existiert:

Eine Auslese feinster Paeonia sinensis neuerer Züchtungen!


Peonies, The Manual of the American Peony Society, edited by James Boyd © 1928 American Peony Society: [Descriptive List of Chinese Peonies]:

PHILOMELE. fee-lo-mel'. (Calot, 1861.) 7.7.

Anemone type; medium size; early. Guards dark old-rose, collar of narrow buff petals. Develops a wide-spreading crown same color as guards; fragrant. Average height; very floriferous; strong stems. Good foliage.

An excellent garden subject and much used for cutting because of the small-ness of the flower and its striking tricolor effect.

"Often prominently marked crimson."—Little.

"A very distinct and interesting variety. Should rate at least 8.0."—Boyd.

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PHILOMELE (Calot, 1861) Syn. VADIUS. Anemone - Pink - Early. Average height. Fragrant. Medium size, guards dark old-rose, collar of narrow buff petals. Develops a wide spreading crown same color as guards. Very floriferous, strong stems. Good foliage. M.

Philomele, [Paeonia sinensis Gefülltblühende Sorten:] Schale frischlilarosa, Füllung federig chamois mit dunkelrosa herrortretender Haube

Rivière (1995):

'Philomèle' /Calot/1861

PHILOMELE (VF)(E-M)(Calot) An anemone type combination of dark old-rose pink and ivory with wide dark old-rose guard petals; strong stems on medium height plant; heavy bloomer when established; medium-size blooms

PHILOMELE A striking landscape variety with bright rose guard petals, enclosing a center of amber-yellow petals. As the flower develops, a crown of brighter rose appears in the center. Although it is not a true Japanese type, we are including it with them since it is so similar in form.

Philomele (Calot 1861) ML-L.  Anemone form; guard petals dark old rose pink, encircle a collar of narrow buff petalodes; the narrower center segments same color as the guard petals, a distinctive combination and useful identifier of this cultivar.  Quite fragrant.  A most reliable performer, vigorous, strong stems, spreading bush with dark green leaves.  Occasional carpels, useable fertility. 

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