Paeonia 'Nova'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

NOVA (Saunders, 1950) - First called OLGA. Yellow - Hybrid. A strain. Flowers clear pale yellow, but foliage like macrophylla; large broad and glossy. About 2 ½" tall, these are good growers and set seed well, many of the offspring coming in pale yellow. Mlokosewitschi x macrophylla, second generation. Saunders 1955 catalog. Date from Saunders 1950-51 catalog.

OLGA (Saunders, 1950) Name changed to NOVA. Single - Pale Yellow - Hybrid. Mlokosewitschi x macrophylla. Letter from Miss Saunders, 1955.

Mlokosewitschi x Macrophylla

Nova (1950 as Olga) VE, An F2. This strain has clear pale yellow flowers and large glossy leaves. Dwarf plants, but good growers and set seed well. Offspring too are often pale yellow.

NOVA, Saunders (USA), 1950, Hybride – Paeonia mlokosewitschii x P. macrophylla, Enkele lichtgele bloemen met hier en daar een doorschijnende groenige tint. Geen zijknoppen. Haar gewas is typisch voor een macrophylla-hybride; breed donkergroen en glanzend blad en een compacte niet al te hoge groei. Zeer groeikrachtig. ‘Nova’ is uitermate geschikt als tuinplant. De vroegst bloeiende pioen uit ons assortiment en een echte topper.

NOVA, Saunders (USA), 1950, Hybrid – Paeonia mlokosewitschii x P. macrophylla, Single, clear pale yellow flowers with occasional green shading. No sidebuds. Typical macrophylla-hybrid planthabit; broad dark green and shiny leaflets on a fairly low plant. Mlokosewitschii-parentage is most noticed by the fine-haired yellowish leaflets, next to the flowercolor of course. Very vigorous. The earliest flowering peony from our collection. 'Nova' is particularly recommendable as a garden peony, she is a No.1 landscaper.

Pale yellow, single, very early, 30" tall, hybrid. Massive glossy green leaves of its P. macrophylla parent and yellow color from its P. mlokosewitschi parent.

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